Better Farm Co.

There is No Such Thing As "Away"


Our hope is to inspire you to join us in making simple and realistic changes towards a low-waste lifestyle.


We Create

Responsibly made earth-friendly products as an alternative to single use disposables. Every product is thoughtfully designed with you and the environment in mind. Whenever possible our products are package free. Always beautiful ~ never harmful.


About the Founder

Lindsey came to the realization after moving to the country that slower, sustainable living isn’t a new concept and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

The Better Farm Co. was born as a means to support everyday people who want to tread more lightly. Lindsey herself struggled with how overwhelming the transition to a zero-waste lifestyle could be for an everyday family. So instead of continuing to procrastinate this monumental lifestyle change, she simply decided to start. She hopes that she can inspire you to make small conscious choices that help to leave the world a better place. Lindsey believes that eco-friendly products can and should be beautiful as well as practical.

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