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Satin Paisley Seafoam Beige Scrunchie - Classic

Satin Paisley Seafoam Beige Scrunchie - Classic


Paisley has been around for many years and is a beautiful classic print. Its unique beauty and design are what make us fall in love with it over and over. We love a true classic and this print is the definition of feminine beauty.

Interesting Fact: The English name for this pattern derives from the town of Paisley, in the west of Scotland, a centre for textiles where paisley designs were produced.

Material: Satin

Elastic: Our proprietary, special blend elastics are designed for best hold and comfort.


The 'original' size scrunchie. Designed for a classic, timeless look. Ideal for thin to thick hair types. Best suited for buns, messy buns, topknots, ponytails and low ponytails.