Placemat - Transport

Placemat - Transport


With this BiMoo placemat, children will be able to color roads and all the following modes of transportationCar, Motorcycle, Bus, Plane, Train, Boat, Helicopter, Truck, Rocket, Sailboat, Fire truck, Police car, Ambulance, Race car, Submarine, Hot air balloon, Crane, Tractor, Mechanical shovel, Tugboat.

Possibility of marking the child's name on the placemat in the space provided ☺️

BiMoo placemats can be used both at home and outdoors: at daycare, at school, on trips, and even at restaurants. 

The placemat has a cord that allows it to be hung on the wall once the drawings are completed or to roll it and bring it with you everywhere.

White and black

- 12x18 inches (30x45 cm)