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Weekender Travel Bag - Trinidad

Weekender Travel Bag - Trinidad


It’s carnival time! You’re swept up in the music, dancing and masquerade. It’s bright and beautiful around every corner. You can’t help but shake your hips and feel the beat. You don’t know which is giving you more energy: the sun, the dancing or the incredible people that surround you. So you just smile and join in. 

Weekend Traveller series - inspired by our favourite experiences and getaways on the planet. All of those places near and far that take our breath away, make us feel like we’re a part of something bigger and show us the beauty of this world. 

  • Top grain, high quality, adjustable leather straps that wrap all the way around the bag for added support (can be used as a backpack as well)
  • Traditionally patterned exterior made with a high quality blend of cotton and synthetic fibre
  • Hand hammered metal rings
  • Lined with durable and soft nylon
  • Inside zipper pocket
  • Artisan crafted in Ecuador