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Whale Hello There - T Shirt (Slim Fit 1-2T)

Whale Hello There - T Shirt (Slim Fit 1-2T)

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The perfect classic tee for your little one. Our black crewneck T-shirts are made out of a super soft bamboo/cotton fabric (pre-shrunk).

The narwhal, sometimes called the ‘unicorn of the sea’ thanks to its long spiral tusk coming out of its head, is native to the chilly waters of the Arctic circle. These majestic creatures are actually whales, and play an important role to indigenous communities, who rely on the creature as a source of food, blubber and raw materials.  Unfortunately, these ‘unicorns of the sea’ are at risk of disappearing as a direct result of climate change. Much is still unknown about these chilly sea dwellers, but scientists are working hard to learn more about them, so they can better protect these animals!


  • Fabric - 66% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex 
  • Machine wash cold & hang to dry.
  • Ethically made in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Please allow for the possibility of up to 5% shrinkage lengthwise in any garments made with cotton, even after following the care label instructions