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Facial Massage Roller

Facial Massage Roller



Made from Rose and Quartz stone, facial rollers have been used for centuries in Chinese beauty regimes.  When used regularly many skin benefits can be seen and with its small and large stones it makes it ideal for use on the face, eyes and neck.

Here are just some of the benefits....

  • Increases lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces puffiness; giving a healthy appearance to the face
  • Eases tense facial muscles
  • Relieves pressure from sinus congestion
  • Assists in better absorption of skincare products
How to Use

For your eyes:  with the small end of the roller start on the inner corner and gently roll out.  To help with morning puffiness even more put your roller in the refrigerator.

For the face:  for best lymphatic drainage start in the center of the face and work out to the hairline with medium pressure.  Start at the top of the neck under the jaw and roll down toward collarbone.

for best facial massage start and the jawline and roll upward to the hairline concentrating on any areas of tension especially around the jaw joint, forehead or sinus areas.  It is great to use when you have sinus pressure or a cold as it can help drainage.