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Football Season Doormat

Football Season Doormat


We all know football fans are some of the loudest, so make sure when people come to check on you they don’t interrupt the game and make you miss an interception - intercept them at the door and let them know you’re ok, but the refs made a terrible call, that was definitely interference, and your team is winning.

16" X 24"


To clean the mat, shake it out and/or sweep with a broom.

Decorative mats are not meant for heavy use.  All mats are painted with an outdoor waterproof paint, but it is recommended they are not kept in an area directly exposed to the elements. 

To prolong the life of the mat, keep in dry, sheltered area. Do not scrub design or saturate in water.

All mats are different and unique.  Some may be darker or lighter than the photo or have variances of colour in the mat.. Brown coir is harvested from fully ripe coconuts and is thick, strong and has a high abrasion resistance, thus perfect for doormats.  Not to mention, it is a renewable and sustainable resource!