Heart Necklace - Set for Friends

Heart Necklace - Set for Friends



Your friends are these people which make you laugh so much until your belly hurts. They pick you up, when you are down. They know its time to grab something to drink and talk for hours about life and love. Without these truly amazing people life just wouldn’t be the same.

Show them what they mean to you. Our dainty heart necklaces are made to keep you close to each others heart, make you feel connected wherever you are and remind of these precious moments together.

The meaningful message on the card says: "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back when you have forgotten the words."


✧ Dainty heart necklace set on handmade card
✧ Material: 100% brass
✧ Available Finish: 16k gold or rhodium silver
✧ Length: 16″ + 2″ extension (41cm + 5 cm)
✧ Perfect for every style and easy to combine
✧ Handmade & designed in Canada