Mango Wood Ornament (Snowflake) natural, white 7x7x1

Mango Wood Ornament (Snowflake) natural, white 7x7x1


Elevate your seasonal decor with our exquisite 7x7x1 mango wood ornament featuring a graceful snowflake design.

Crafted from natural and white-toned mango wood, this ornament exudes rustic elegance and winter charm. The intricate snowflake motif is delicately carved into the wood, creating a captivating visual effect that captures the magic of snowfall.

Hang it on your tree, adorn wreaths, or use it as a unique gift tag for a touch of seasonal sophistication. Whether you're decorating for the holidays or simply celebrating the beauty of winter, this mango wood snowflake ornament will add a timeless, handcrafted touch to your surroundings.